fredag den 3. maj 2013

Events this weekend

By the way, sorry for missing the update on where to celebrate/experience the international workers' day in Fælledparken on the 1st - it had actually forgotten!

Now, a short party-forecast for the weekend - so you can still party if you didn't get a ticket for the sold out Årsfest at DTU tonight:


Free friday-bar:

So, the Danish answer to Paula Dean (the woman with all the butter) will start a friday bar today and give away free wine and snacks at their restaurant in Rosenborggade number 15-17!

From 15-17:30.

Release party at Christiania:

I don't know who the musician Pelle is, but he will be celebrating the launch of his second EP at Operaen, Christiania. DJ's and a free copy of the EP for everybody who shows up. 

Entrance 50 kroner including a free Pelleband EP. From 21-03.



Colombian Students Watch are inviting  to a fiesta tropical with lots of latin rythms and South-American love.

There will be an authentic live band performing at midnight and food at 02. A whole bunch of DJ's. Entrance: 30 kroner. Everything in the bar is just 15 kroner! All profit goes to Colombian Student Watch, read about them here:

Remember cash!

At Fiolstræde 10, from 21-04.

All weekend:

Copenhagen Beer Celebration:

At Østerbro, there will be lots and lots of delicious beer! 30 of the best brewers in the world will each bring 3 kinds of beer = 270 kinds of beer that you can try and taste. The ticket is 450 kroner (i know, a lot) but it gives you a huge glass and as much beer as you can drink!

At Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads 11, KBH Ø.
From friday, 15-20, saturday from 11:30-16:30 and 18-23.

Buy your ticket here: Billetlugen

SPOT festival in Aarhus:

SPOT is a nice weekend festival held in Aarhus with mostly new and upcoming bands from Denmark (mostly, but there are exceptions). The weather looks like it's going to be nice, so check out the program here and go get a train to Aarhus!

Also, next week there will only be posted about events in the weekend as the end of the semester is coming and I'm already forced to spend too much time in front of the computer.

Best weekend wishes,

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