tirsdag den 10. juli 2012

Welcome, Awesome People

A big online welcome to all you awesome people!

By the time you get to know this blog, you will already have seen, heard about and experienced the MUST-do's when you come to Denmark. But as you will be studying here, living here, and going to spend some time here, you all deserve to get to know Copenhagen and Around a lot better as you are not just any silly tourist - you're students in one of the most exciting cities of Europe!

So, this is how it works here...

In the summer I have been busy mapping a couple of awesome experiences (both places that are known and new to me!) that I thought you might appreciate while living in Denmark. This could be events, cafés, restaurents, museums, concert places, bars (!!!), shops, places, etc.

When we get to know each other better, I think it could be really cool if you guys wrote guest posts at the blog. You can write whatever you want (ok, not exactly whatever you want, but you get the point); share great places, experiences, etc.

Of course you'll also be using facebook etc. to share, but a blog is a whole another "space" for sharing this stuff (and archives will be much more easy to handle and access)!

I hope you have an Awesome Time while you're here!


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